Automaker PSA Peugeot Citroën Wishes to Assemble Cars in Morocco

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It is information from the US site Bloomberg, confirmed by the French financial daily Les Echos. PSA Peugeot Citroen plans to open a plant in Morocco to develop the African market and reduce its dependence on the European market vagaries.

This industrial site would have initially with a capacity of less than 100 000 units a year. This would be to manufacture the models 208 and 308 of the Lion brand for Maghreb market.

According to Bloomberg, sales of PSA in Africa and the Middle East totaled 169,400 units, or 5.8% of the total, have dropped 25% last year. In late March, Jean-Christophe Quémard, recently appointed head of the Africa – Middle East, said, moreover, that “[the North African market] is one of the best growth potential with Southeast Asia. We have perhaps not paid the necessary attention to these markets. ”

According to Bloomberg, the project could be formalized early as June. The Ministry of Industry, contacted by prefers to distance himself from these confidential projects, but ensures that, in the industrial acceleration up, everything is in place to attract new manufacturers.

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