Royal Armed Forces Celebrates Its Creation and Remembred Missed Moroccan Pilot

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Casablanca – The Family of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) with all its components land, air, sea and RCMP, expressed to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff FAR, their best wishes and congratulations and sincere feelings of fidelity and loyalty on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Armed Forces.

In an address to His Majesty the King during this anniversary commemoration ceremony chaired Thursday in Casablanca by the Sovereign, the spokesperson of the Royal Palace, historian of the Kingdom, Mr. Abdelhak Lamrini, indicated that the occasion of the 59th anniversary of its creation, the family of the Royal Armed Forces with all its terrestrial components, air, sea and Royal Gendarmerie, has the honor to express with deference and consideration to His Majesty the King, Supreme Leader and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, may God assist him, congratulations and best wishes and feelings of fidelity and loyalty, and his unwavering commitment to the glorious Alawite Throne, praying the Almighty to preserve the Sovereign and surround the benefits of health and happiness.

Mr. Lamrini stressed that the tribute by King Family FAR through the presence of the Sovereign who honored traditional ceremony commemorating the anniversary, is a source of pride and gratitude for each of its members , faithful servants of Her Majesty, officers, NCOs and troops, and a royal expression of solicitude Haute Her Majesty surrounds the family of FAR and the permanent paternal interest that the Sovereign gives to its members.

The spokesman for the Royal Palace and historian of the Kingdom, is still remembered with deep emotion, Lieutenant Pilot Yassine Bahti, under the 6th airbase of the Royal Air Forces, went missing while fulfilling his duty in the framework of the coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the restoration of legitimacy in Yemen.

This officer is known for his moral qualities, his good conduct, discipline and dedication to work, qualities that have earned him the respect of his superiors as well as his colleagues, and were at the origin of increased choice on him to be part of the squadron of the Royal Air Forces (FRA) participating in the international coalition against the terrorist organization “Daech” and later among the squadron at the disposal of Saudi Arabia, added Mr. Lamrini, noting that the hero pilot, who went missing while fulfilling his professional and human duty, attached to the RAF motto “God, Fatherland, King, is the tribute that pays our country in defending the legitimacy and for the realization of peace and stability in many regions.

And to say that the Royal Armed Forces, and through them all the components of the Moroccan people, expressing to His Majesty the King their immense respect and consideration for the solicitude and benevolence of which the Sovereign is on them, through the Lieutenant driver, Yassine Bahti on this occasion at very high symbolic and national ownership.

After his address, the spokesman of the Royal Palace, historian of the United implored the Almighty to preserve His Majesty the King, and bridge the Sovereign people of HRH Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, HRH Princess Lalla Khadija, Prince Moulay Rachid and all members of the illustrious royal family.

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