Moroccan Royal Army: No formal evidence of Morocco Pilot Death

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Rabat- No formal evidence could support the thesis of the death of Hunting pilot following the crash of his F-16 aircraft occurred in Yemen on May 10 current, said Wednesday the press department of the Inspectorate General of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) in a statement.

The same source points out, moreover, that the analysis of photos and images relayed by Web sites and social networks showed that it could be fixtures, giving the example of the image of the silhouette of a man in a pilot’s outfit caught in a geographically different location from the crash and “reflects the bad intentions of these publications fell as a result of manipulation.”

Similarly, the statement, published by some websites of personal photos or suspected of being the driver is’ reprehensible and irresponsible ” because that could endanger being exploited by hostile elements.

The research by the various means continue, and the lack of tangible physical evidence, ‘hoping to find the driver still alive remains our major concern,” the statement the General Inspection Service Press FAR concluded.

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