Morocco Participates in Doha Forum 15th Edition

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The work of the 15th edition of Doha Forum opened Monday evening in the Qatari capital, with the participation of Morocco represented by Youssef Amrani, policy officer in the Royal Cabinet.

This policy three-day meeting, held under the theme “regional and international challenges and crises and ways to deal through dialogue and peaceful means”, aims to bring together the countries of the world with emphasis on the differences in their views on many issues and positive dialogue in order to strengthen democracy and the rules of justice and equality.

Several political leaders, intellectuals and representatives of civil society and regional and international organizations taking part in the 15 th Doha Forum to address several issues including relating to “the impact of conflict on the democratic transition process in the Arab Spring, “” collective security and regional and international stability “,” human development “,” Economy and Energy “and” media and regional crises. ”

In addition to the plenary sessions, the Doha Forum will organize several workshops dealing with various issues such as the oil prices and Arab economies, social networks and politics and the American and European positions vis-à-vis the Middle East.

The Doha Forum will be one of the largest forums in the world, which are held each year to address issues in the areas of international relations. It has therefore a forum to address the latest developments in the world situation and prospective policy responses to the challenges in the framework of a world order, who knows dramatic changes.

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