Nadia Ben Bahtane Moroccan enters the top 50 swimmers in open water

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Tangier – The Moroccan Nadia Ben Bahtane, made its debut in the top 50 worldwide in open water swimmers, having managed to complete the swim across the Strait of Gibraltar, in a time 4h18min, according to the latest ranking of the international organization open water races (WOWSA).

So Nadia Ben Bahtane, 36, is the first Moroccan and Arab women to have achieved this ranking.

Part of Tarifa April 28, Nadia, swam fifteen kilometers before reaching Tangier. Only in the water throughout the journey, only followed by a pilot boat and a team organization, she braved the winds and strong ocean currents in generally satisfactory weather conditions.

To achieve this feat, Nadia, director of marketing and communications in a Moroccan private group, has trained five to six times a week in Casablanca. For over six months, she also performed endurance sessions of several hours.

Passionate about open water swimming, Nadia is not his first sporting challenge. It has to its credit several swimming competitions in open water and marathons and half marathons. In 2013, it was designated Open Water Swimming Woman Of The Year by the international organization open water races (WOWSA).

This activity was organized by the Spanish Association Acneg “Curtius has nado del Estrecho de Gibraltar” (crossing Association to swim the Strait of Gibraltar), which manages the crossing. It is responsible for the preparation, monitoring by boat and authorization management as the Spanish side a Moroccan.

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