Royal anger against project presented Ministers Assad and Elalamy

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Mohammed VI has canceled in Rabat the launch of a national program for the rehabilitation of street vendors. A blow to the Interior Minister and the Minister of Industry and Trade promoters of this project that the sovereign found below expectations.

An unprecedented blow to both Ministers of the Kingdom! While everything has Morocco as mayors and regional presidents met in the wilaya of Rabat to welcome King Mohammed VI, who was to kick off the national restructuring program hawkers, Mohamed Assad rises to the forum to speak. He delivered before a stunned audience that: “His Majesty has called on Interior Minister and the Minister of Industry and Commerce there are a few moments. The sovereign expressed vis-à-vis discontent of the project was submitted for the rehabilitation of street vendors. He held well below expectations and gave his high instructions to revise it so that it complies with its instructions and to hoist it to the level required. ”


This national program was developed jointly by the Departments of Interior and Commerce and was intended for street vendors and merchants shoplifting. Its details were to be unveiled this afternoon after the royal kickoff. But now that the sovereign has asked his ministers to review their copy, perhaps we will never know what sparked the ire of the sovereign, as to put them through this public humiliation. The content of the intervention of Assad suggests that the program, yet national, has been prepared without regard to the ambitions assigned to this project. The cancellation of a royal activity is synonymous with disgrace which can be expensive …

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