Spain: 1st International Congress of Halal Next March in Cordoba

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The Andalusian city of Cordoba (southern Spain) will host from 24 to 26 March, the 1st International Congress of Halal, with the participation of experts from over 20 countries, said Monday the organizers of this event .

Initiated under the theme “Halal, a global concept”, this conference aims to review the changes experienced by the Halal sector in Spain, which exceeded purely religious connotations becoming synonymous with quality products and services, healthy and sustainable, say the organizers in a statement.

The event, which will see the participation of specialists, businessmen, academicians, scientists and actors in the halal sector of the Iberian country which is an initiative of the Institute of Halal, the largest entity that certifies products that comply with Islamic norms in Spain.

The city of Granada had housed on 22 and 23 September 2014, the first international conference on the “halal tourism”, organized at the initiative of the Institute Halal.

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