Morocco & Italy to promote bilateral cooperation

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar met Tuesday in Rabat, with his Italian counterpart, Paolo Gentiloni about ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation in all fields.

“These rich discussions have provided an opportunity to highlight the shared desire of both countries to strengthen and diversify the historic and unique relationship between the two countries. The relations between Italy and Morocco have always been relations of friendship, understanding, cooperation and shared ambition, “said the press Mezouar after this interview.

“Just three months after his appointment, Mr. Gentiloni has chosen Morocco to make it his first visit to the region, which is in itself a message of friendship and willingness to strengthen the already excellent bilateral relations,” he said.

On another note, Mezouar noted that the Moroccan community in Italy, where about 61,000 Moroccan companies are installed and where Moroccans occupy positions of responsibility, was also in the agenda of this meeting, which placed particular emphasis on the need to build the future on new foundations and act as part of a virtuous circle.

The news on the international stage was also discussed at this meeting, including the latest developments in Libya, Iraq, Syria and the Sahel further pointed Mezouar, emphasizing the need not to do the amalgam regard to religious sensibilities.

He added that we have decided to further strengthen cooperation in the security sphere between the two countries and in the region.

For his part, Mr. Gentiloni said that Morocco is linked to Italy by secular, cultural, economic and political, noting that Morocco has the example of stability in a region plagued by insecurity.

Morocco has undertaken major reforms that have contributed to the development of society, the political process and the economy, he said, adding that this partnership could be further strengthened, notably through the new framework of the strategic partnership the two sides agreed to set up.
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