Morocco immigration integration strategy

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The ministry of Moroccans residing abroad and migration Affairs, and with support from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), is organizing an international conference in Rabat on 10th and 11th March 2014 entitled: “The New Migration Policy: Which Integration Strategy?”

The event brings together politicians and experts from countries of origin and from Europe to share their experiences. important contributions is also be made by local experts and NGOs, who work with migrants on a daily basis. the conference addresses four thematic areas, including social integration, access to basic rights and services, the cultural contribution of migrants and the role of civil society.


following the Moroccan national human rights council’s September 2013 thematic report on the situation of migrants and refugees in Morocco and King Mohammed VI’s strategic guidance to improve the situation of undocumented migrants in the country, the Moroccan government has been working on implementing the new policy, including the regularization of several categories of migrants. image

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