Guerguarat: Polisario Plays “Dangerous”, “Dead-End” Game – French Geopolitics Expert

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By engaging in acts of provocation and blocking the passage of Guerguarat in an area under the responsibility of the UN, the polisario is playing a dangerous and dead-end game that it can only lose, stressed French geo-politics expert Aymeric Chauprade.

It is clear that by resorting to such maneuvers, the polisario is acting in complete violation of all the latest Security Council resolutions and that its action is aimed at destroying the 1991 ceasefire, the geopolitical expert told MAP.

The latest Security Council resolution of October 30 is very clear. It concerns in particular, but not only, the respect of the cease-fire and the end of acts of provocation and destabilization. The resolution shares the same concern as the one expressed in the UN Secretary General’s report regarding the recurrent violations of the Military Agreement and the threat to the ceasefire, explained the French expert. The UN Secretary General had found in a report to the Security Council that no less than 53 violations were attributable to the polisario, he added.

“In 2018, with Resolution 2414, the Security Council had called on the polisario to immediately withdraw from the buffer zone of Guergarate and to refrain from such destabilizing acts,” Chapaude said.

Regarding the timing of the gestures of a “polisario in dire straits ,” the geopolitical expert sees two main reasons. “The first is that Morocco is on the verge of winning the battle at the UN.

“It is obvious that the latest report of the Secretary-General recognizes and understands the legitimacy of Morocco’s point of view and action. The polisario does not accept this, and as a bad player, it tries to attack the repeated rulings of the UN Security Council,” Chauprade noted.

“The second obvious reason is that Morocco is on the way of winning the diplomatic battle of sovereignty recognition,” he said.

“Almost all countries in the world today recognize the Moroccanness of the Sahara and note that Morocco has succeeded in achieving both a real development of its southern provinces and a real autonomy,” the expert noted, describing the opening by African and Arab countries of Consulates in the Southern provinces as a recognition of this unwavering policy.

In short, the momentum is so powerful that it frightens the polisario leaders, Chauprade said.

According to him, in the face of the provocations of the polisario, “Morocco remains firm in its legitimate positions and therefore cannot leave in insecurity its border with Mauritania and its territorial links with Africa.”

“Morocco has long demonstrated its sense of restraint, measure and negotiation with legitimate interlocutors such as the UN”. “I am confident that Morocco will as usual know how to measure its response,” said the French expert, for whom the polisario, “has never been the voice of the Sahrawi population but rather the criminal expression of a gang of generals,” he said.

“These people draw enormous profits from this conflict and thus make the misfortune of a part of the Sahrawis trapped in the camps of Tindouf,” the expert stated.

Morocco offered a future for the Sahrawis within the balanced framework of “autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty”, Chauprade said.

By speaking of his desire to make Morocco a great maritime power, HM King Mohammed VI is also thinking of the people of Laayoune and Dakhla, he said, adding that the southern provinces are also expected to become large maritime provinces, through fisheries, marine renewable energy, tourism and so on.

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