Moroccan Ambassador to UNESCO Highlights HM the King’s Vision Towards Africa

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Morocco’s permanent representative to UNESCO, Ambassador Samir Addahre, highlighted Monday in Paris the vision of HM King Mohammed VI towards Africa through active solidarity and a strong commitment to building an area of ​​shared prosperity.

Speaking at a commemorative videoconference meeting held by UNESCO on the occasion of Africa Day, which focused on the presentation of the report on the Biennial of Luanda – Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace, Addahre recalled the initiatives undertaken by the Sovereign for the emergence of an Africa that is capable of responding confidently to the challenges of development, peace and security.

“HM King Mohammed VI laid the foundations for a relational model that gives meaning to relationships both between individuals and between states,” the diplomat pointed out.

The Moroccan ambassador recalled in this regard the initiative launched by the Sovereign to set up an operational framework to support African countries in the management of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Covid-19 pandemic tells us that building a strong Africa means learning from the weaknesses observed. The Moroccan model has shown that it is possible not to generate despair as long as you get down to solving difficulties, rapidly changing the models and tools that exist so as to transform worry into confidence and fear of the future into a real driving force for change”, he said.

The Luanda Biennale was held on 18-22 September, 2019, with the participation of 16 African countries, including Morocco.

The Biennale is part of UNESCO’s operational strategy for Priority Africa (2014-2021) which aims to provide “African responses to the transformations that affect African economies and societies.

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