Colombian MPs Express Their Country’s Support for Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

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The Committee on Foreign Relations at the House of Representatives of the Republic of Colombia expressed, on Monday in Rabat, the support of the Latin American country for the territorial integrity of Morocco and the autonomy proposal for the Moroccan Sahara.

Recalling the adoption by the Colombian Congress of a resolution expressing its full support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco, Blanco Alvarez German Alcides, a deputy at the House of Representatives of the Republic of Colombia, affirmed that the Kingdom is a strategic ally of Colombia.

“We have signed in recent months at the Colombian Congress resolutions in favor of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco,” he said after talks between a Colombian parliamentary delegation led by chairman of the Committee Anatolio Hernandez Lozano and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Mounia Boucetta.

“Supporting and respecting the territorial integrity of a friendly state is the least we can do for a strategic ally,” he said.

Hernandez Lozano expressed, on behalf of the President of the Republic and the Parliament of Colombia, his unconditional support for Morocco, voicing his gratitude for HM King Mohammed VI and for the Kingdom’s contribution to the development and peace in Colombia.

The ties of friendship with Morocco, the only country that opens the doorway of Africa to Colombia, must be further strengthened for the benefit of the development of the two parties, through new cooperation agreements, he said.

Boucetta stressed the great interest Morocco takes in the development of its relations with Latin America and the South-South partnership, in accordance with the Royal guidelines.

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