Morocco: King Mohammed VI Delivered Critical Speech to Parliament

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In parliament, Mohammed VI has invited the elected officials and the government to raise the level of the Moroccan political debate. The king took advantage of the opening of the autumn parliamentary session to crop some party leaders, as majority opposition, who questioned the election process. He invited them to engage in constructive criticism.

The king presided this afternoon, the opening of the legislative year. On this occasion, he delivered a speech to representatives and newly elected councilors. A one year from the end of this Parliament, the monarch called elected government and to cease their bickering to concentrate on the completion of the promulgation of the organic texts still on standby. They have also a lot of work, especially as Article 86 of the constitution states that all these laws “must be submitted for approval to Parliament within a period not exceeding the duration of the first parliamentary term following the promulgation of Constitution “, as recalled in his speech the sovereign.

Mohammed VI has even cited the example of organic texts still missing: the operationalization of the law on the formalization of the Amazigh language, the Strike Act, the Council of languages ​​and Moroccan culture and Council of Regency. For the latter, Abdelilah Benkirane returned the ball in the camp while his royal cabinet making is the exclusive prerogative of the government.

All these laws have taken a clear delay and the king said do not understand why. Thus he warned members of both houses of parliament and the government, he said, wasting too much time in useless disputes. “I drew attention to the fact that the trend is still marginal struggles at the expense of pressing issues and real concerns of its citizens”, he also reminded the parliamentarians. This message, he had already said on many occasions and in similar circumstances. Will he hear this time?

The king meets the lamentations of some political leaders

The day after the election on 2 October, the leaders of the USFP and PPS were on the frontlines to question the whole electoral process, describing it as “illegal” and “flawed.” Mohammed VI must register faux against the positions expressed by Driss Lachgar and Nabil Ben Abdellah. Addressing all losers, the king asked them to “realize that Moroccans have become more mature in their attitude towards the elections, claiming and demanding accountability from their elected officials on the outcome of their shares “.

While recognizing certain “excesses, altogether isolated,” King said refuse “laments a posteriori” and rejected “unfounded accusations against the authorities responsible for organizing elections.” The sovereign invited those who have failed to engage in “constructive criticism, to correct the errors, rectify malfunctions” in order “to gain the confidence of the voters in the next elections.”

Moroccan elected officials are beginning to have the habit of doing pull their socks by the sovereign at the opening of parliamentary sessions, but so far the message does not seem to happen. Hopefully this time will be good, because time to get all the organic laws must still be adopted.
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