King Mohammed VI for Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Terrorism

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King Mohammed VI called for developing a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism, including the social and development dimensions, in addition to educational and religious components, with the major role they have in spreading the culture of tolerance and moderation.

In a speech at the “Leaders Summit for the fight against EIIL and violent extremism”, which was read on Tuesday in New York, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Salaheddine Mezouar, King also stressed that the struggle against extremism and terrorism should be based on loyal partnerships, sincere and compliance cooperation.

“This is a collective responsibility that can not be the subject of narrow calculations of bidding, condescension or disparagement. This is why the fight against this scourge should be based on a strong collective will and cooperation and a bilateral and regional coordination in the conduct of operational activities on the ground. It requires, in addition, a combination of integrated national strategies, “the monarch said.

“The fight that we deliver together against extremism and terrorism must be marked with the seal of strength and depth, “said the king ensuring that citizens” will be even more confident in political’governance systems, economic, and social life of their countries, more willing to give them a much better support and more resilient to illusions mirrored by extremist ideologies. ”

Moreover, religious, spiritual, cultural and human “should be rehabilitated because they lay bare the hollow allegations and refute the fallacious arguments advanced by extremists to justify their barbaric acts,” said the King, who considers the greatest challenge in the fight against extremism and terrorism is to remain all convinced that this global scourge “should not be associated with any religion, civilization or culture.”

Thus, explained the Sovereign international efforts in this area must be based on “equality of peoples and respect for their identity, their cultural specificities, their beliefs and spiritual values.”

“Our battle against extremism must be also essential vocation to equip young people and women of open education rooted in the values ​​and authentic standards of their society, while promoting their commitment to the universal values ​​to guard against the temptations of fanaticism and isolationism, “King said.

The Sovereign still stressed that we “must also seek to implement the sustainable development objectives that we have set by mutual agreement. besides the pledge of a better life it offers to citizens, sustainable development is the foundation of a more stable world. ”

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