AQIM Claimed Deadly Attack Against the Algerian army

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Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility in unauthenticated statement posted on the Internet Saturday, July 18 evening, the death of 14 soldiers of the Algerian army in an ambush south-west of Algiers.

“The riders of Islam were on the evening of the first day of Eid [holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan on Saturday] kill 14 soldiers in an ambush on an army section in the Djebel Louh area , “in the wilaya of Ain Defla (140 kilometers southwest of Algiers), the statement of the AQIM header said . The attackers managed to escape “unharmed after taking up arms” of dead soldiers, it said.

The information was relayed on social networks, and photos of the alleged victims were released on Facebook and by some media. The El-Khabar announced Saturday afternoon the death of 11 soldiers in an ambush by a “terrorist group”, a term that refers to armed Islamist groups. The ambush took place on the road to Tifrane, a heavily forested area south of the city Ain Defla, had said El-Khabar, citing security sources.

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