Muslims and Jews Gathered for an Iftar in Casablanca

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Casablanca – In partnership with the Association “Plural Moroccans” chaired by Mr. Ahmed Ghayet, several personalities of the Moroccan Jewish civil society organized Tuesday evening in Casablanca Iftar around a unique “living together “and attended by over a hundred of their Muslim friends and welcomed guests on this occasion to celebrate and celebrate” the wealth and depth of the Moroccan cultural and spiritual diversity. ”

Guest of honor of the event, Councillor SM King, André Azoulay, has extensively analyzed “fundamental historical, political and constitutional that give this Moroccan exemplary sustainability and legitimacy around which builds and strengthens national consensus brought vividly by the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI “.

Mr Azoulay held in this context to emphasize the structural nature of “this Moroccan reality” that should not be equated with “an economic or circumstantial reaction would find its justification and its sole purpose in a timely response to be made to the contemporary crisis the Community of Nations with regard to the living together and dialogue of all cultures, religions and civilizations. ”

“In a world in search of landmarks, the Moroccan compass is more precious than ever,” said forcefully HM King Advisor, recalling the “historical threshold crossed by our country in July 2011 with the vote of our new Constitution guarantees the irrebuttable achievements that underpin and consolidate the diversity and social and cultural modernity of our society. ”

For the president of the Moroccan Association Pluriels Ahmed Ghayet, this meeting is an opportunity to show young people in particular, the characteristic of Morocco as a land of tolerance and intercommunity dialogue and sharing.

And to highlight the history of the Kingdom, characterized by the coexistence and cohabitation between Moroccans of different backgrounds and faiths, saw enshrined in the 2011 Constitution that confirmed the reality of Morocco, “proud of its inflow Muslim, Jewish, Berber, Arabic and Saharo-Hassani, fed its tributaries African, Andalusian and Mediterranean “.

For others, Morocco had the courage and visionary ability, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, to propose a constitution that reflects a contemporary Morocco, historically forged and chiselled by the Berber civilization, Judaism The Muslim civilization and its Hassani identity.

To remind that the North-South Prize of the Council of Europe was awarded last Wednesday in Lisbon, André Azoulay for his contribution to the peace process in the Middle East and for the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean.

Attended the evening, eminent personalities from the diplomatic, art, culture, politics and representatives of civil society.

The Moroccans Pluriels association intends, through this action, advancing the values ​​it upholds namely diversity, sharing, openness, dialogue and highlight the Moroccan identity and culture.

The association aims to create a “Movement” and advance to convey the messages of harmony and tolerance, to comment on the major issues of society and contribute to the development and the circulation of ideas.

Plural Moroccans also aims to strengthen ties between the two sides by building and strengthening the ties between young Moroccans from here and elsewhere and create a network to share experiences.


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