Bloody Attack of Daesh in Sinai Egypt

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The jihadist group Islamic State (EI) launched on Wednesday a series of car bomb attacks against the army in the east of al-Arish in the Egyptian Sinai. At least 70 people – mostly soldiers but also civilians – were killed in the attacks. This balance is one of the heaviest suffered by the army in this stronghold of Ansar Beit al-Maqdess branch of EI in Sinai, which has multiplied the attacks against security forces since the dismissal by the army of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

Other clashes erupted between soldiers and assailants after wave of attacks, causing 38 deaths among the jihadists, medics and security.

The jihadists have also undermined the outskirts of a Sheikh Zouweid police to prevent the arrival of reinforcements, before taking a position on the roofs of surrounding buildings and attacking the building with rocket launchers, according to a police colonel. The F-16 fighters of the army then jihadists bombed positions, according to security officials and a witness.

In a statement released on social networks, the group “Province of Sinai” claimed the attacks, adding that three suicide bombers were involved in the attacks. “The lions of the caliphate attacked simultaneously over 15 checkpoints of the apostate army,” he said, claiming the police encircle Sheikh Zouweid. In doing formerly called Ansar Beit al-Maqdess, the group changed its name to mark his allegiance to the “Caliphate” proclaimed by the ultraradical EI Group on conquered territories straddling Iraq and Syria.

These attacks come two days after the assassination in Cairo of Egypt Attorney General in a bomb attack, the highest representative of the State killed since the beginning of the wave of jihadist attacks in 2013. If this murder n has not been claimed, Ansar al-Beit Maqdess had called it a month ago his supporters to attack the judges in response to the hanging of six men convicted of carrying out attacks in the name of the group. Jihadists say act in retaliation for the bloody crackdown against pro-Morsi that left more than 1 400 dead.


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