Mezouar: Morocco remains with Libya to overcome this phase

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Skhirate – “Morocco remains, as it always has been, along with Libya and its brotherly people to overcome this phase”, said Saturday in Skhirate, Foreign Minister and Cooperation, Salaheddine Mezouar.

“Morocco has no other concern than the support and sustained action to preserve the unity of Libya, its sovereignty and pride that it remains as it has always been the country of stability, brotherhood, tolerance and the promotion of the development of the space to which we all belong, “said Mezouar at a joint press briefing with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General the UN to Libya, Bernardino Leon, at the end of the 3rd day of inter-Libyan political talks.

The Kingdom, which is happy to welcome the Libyan parties on its soil, “has no interest in the supreme interest of Libya, its unity and stability,” said Mezouar, who took part a meeting that brought together in the same room, for the first time, all Libyan parties.

The minister at the same time hoped to see these negotiations, which bring together all Libyan parties contribute, “thanks to the ties and trust we have always maintained with our Libyan brothers,” to building of the modern Libyan state and its institutions and a Libya that “suck all Libyans and the world.”

“We believe that the common will that we have seen will overcome the difficulties in order to favor the political and reject the use of military means solution,” the minister added, noting that the meeting this Saturday is “exceptional” and “fundamental” step because, he says, it is the first meeting that brought together all the parties in conflict.

“We are pleased that Rabat, and Morocco in general, is the initial step in a process that we want to restore the positive agreement between the Libyans,” said he said, noting that Libya, by its history, its people, its expertise and resources, is able to overcome the difficulties of this crucial stage in its history.

Furthermore, Mezouar welcomed the role of the UN mediator Mr. Bernardino Leon, highlighting “its ability to create the agreement, as without agreement, we can not build a state.”

While stressing the positive momentum that marked this phase of the dialogue, the Minister welcomed all parties “seriously working to give Libya everything she deserves.”

For his part, Mr. Leon said the meeting this Saturday, having met for the first time all parties around the same table, noted that it is a meeting “symbolically very important.”

“I want to thank Morocco because it is the first time that all parties met together in the same room,” said he said, noting that the parties worked in a “positive and constructive spirit” .

He noted, however, that we must be patient because it’s complex issues that will take time, noting that the negotiators will continue to work seriously. “The most important is the positive spirit and determination to reach an agreement,” he said.

The 3rd day of inter-Libyan political talks ended Saturday in Skhirate near Rabat, in the presence of representatives of the parties met under the auspices of the UN to find a solution to the political crisis in Libya.

Inter-Libyan political negotiations, which started on Thursday took place under United Nations auspices, with the participation of representatives of Libyan parties and in the presence of several foreign ambassadors as observers. These inter-Libyan political negotiations, which started Thursday are held under United Nations auspices.

The establishment of a cease-fire, the restoration of security and the formation of a government of national unity among the main items on the agenda of the talks.image

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