Casablanca: Signature of 2 Agreements for Upholding Values ​​of Tolerance and Coexistence

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Two agreements were signed, on Thursday at the headquarters of the Museum of Judaism in Casablanca, for the upholding of the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence among young people.

The first agreement was signed by the regional academy of education and training of Casablanca-Settat and the Jewish-Moroccan cultural heritage foundation, and the second between the El Wafaa middle school under the provincial department of Casablanca- Anfa, the Ibn Mimoune high school in Casablanca and the Lyautey high school under the French mission in Morocco.

The first agreement, signed by the director of the regional academy, Abdelmoumen Talib, and the president of the Jewish-Moroccan cultural heritage foundation, Serge Berdugo, aims to create “tolerance and coexistence clubs” in schools under the jurisdiction of the region, and to inform the youth of the richness and diversity of the Moroccan cultural heritage.

It provides for the organization of cultural and artistic activities and free of charge visits to the Jewish-Moroccan cultural museum for the benefit of students and administrative and educational staff.

As for the second agreement, it aims to create a space of tolerance and common life at the El Wafaa middle school which will house rooms dedicated to workshops, exhibitions, conferences and various activities in support of the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence, with the participation of students from different schools.

Speaking on this occasion, Talib affirmed that the signing of these agreements takes place in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, which has ensured to highlight the cultural diversity of the Kingdom of Morocco, and within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of framework law 51-17 relating to the system of education, training and scientific research, and initiatives aimed at promoting school life and strengthening citizenship values ​​and civic behavior.

For his part, Berdugo said that the signing of these two agreements takes place in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines, since HM King Mohammed VI has constantly insisted on the importance of promoting all aspects of the cultural diversity of Moroccan identity, and the enhancement of all its components, including the Jewish one.

The foundation has worked for years, under the wise leadership of the Sovereign, to preserve and disseminate knowledge about this part of the Moroccan heritage which is a fundamental element of the history of Morocco, its values ​​and its traditions thus constituting the depth of the civilization of the Kingdom, he added.

The foundation is working to ensure the sustainability of the Moroccan model, as an authentic model of coexistence and true tolerance, said Berdugo, stressing the interest given to this institution, for years, by young people eager to gain knowledge, understanding and openness, and the need to support any initiative to counter with any form of extremism.

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